Britney Spears Fans Unhappy About A Pair Of Shoes???

Britney has incurred the wrath of some fans after she showed off a pair of $6,000 Christian Louboutin snakeskin pumps on Instagram, which she admitted she’s never worn, despite buying them four years ago. SO WHAT???

Fans on social media were quick to blast the singer for bragging about such a waste of money, with one noting, “Britney, I don think u should be posting how much u pay for things,”

and another adding, “Yes u can afford it and that’s great but it might be a little insensitive to those that struggle each day.”

Others were upset that the shoes were made of snakeskin, with one person sharing, “Congratulations on contributing to the painful suffering of an Animal for its own skin.” 

Of course, Britney did have her defenders, who pointed out that it was Britney’s money to spend whichever way she wanted to. As one person noted, “When did any other celeb have to justify their purchases? Let alone any other person?” adding, “Y’all treat this woman like she’s a (non existent) welfare queen.”

What do you Think?

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