Elle King Is Pregnant, Expecting First Child With Her Fiancé

And baby makes 3!

On Wednesday (March 3), Elle King revealed the exciting news that she's expecting her first child with fiancé Dan Tooker. King is currently in her second trimester. She opened up about her pregnancy journey in the latest issue of People.

"This is something that I have not only wanted since I could remember, but it's something that I have struggled with for a really long time," The 31-year-old songstress told the outlet. "Every single day of this pregnancy is such a miracle."

King revealed she's gone through infertility struggles the past few years, including two pregnancy losses due to polycystic ovary syndrome. "It's such a major thing that so many people go through, but it's so secretive — like you have to go through it alone," she told People. "Nobody talks about it. It's like you're supposed to feel shame; like you're not supposed to tell people before 12 weeks, because if you lose it, it's going to be embarrassing for you and you don't want other people to get their hopes up. Like, holy s—."

"When I got pregnant, I told my mom, I told my dad, I told my sister, I told my brother, I told my closest friends. Because God forbid I go through that again, I'm going to need my support team," she continued. "I'm going to need my family and the people that love me to say, 'It's okay.'"

King added that when you've "experienced loss" and the "pain of losing two pregnancies" it can feel like "life is over, life is done." She told the outlet she went "through this intense and really just unbelievably draining and shocking grieving period" and felt like "such a failure" after her pregnancy losses. "Then when [you get pregnant again], you're so afraid to enjoy it and be happy because you're so scared that it's going to be taken away," she continued. "Just because I'm having a pregnancy that's going well now it doesn't mean that I'm over losing any pregnancy."

For now, the 'Exes and Ohs' singer is "learning to be happy" for herself. "There's a lot of anxiety around it, but it's also very exciting," she said, adding that she found out she was pregnant on Christmas Day. "I couldn't imagine a greater Christmas gift than a positive pregnancy test," King said.

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