Billie Eilish Was Once Stung By 20 Bees On The Top Of Her Head

Singer/songwriter, Billie Eilish has taken the world by storm at only 17 with her album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? this year. While in the Z100 studio with Maxwell, Eilish deciphers the question her album has brought to everyone's mind... where DO we go when we fall asleep? "I don't actually know," she says, "that's why I asked it."

Friday, September 27th, Eilish announced that she is going on tour with this album. She will be playing the world famous Madison Square Garden as well as other huge venues. "I used to hate touring.. I was miserable, hated it, didn't want to do it... it made me not want to make music," reveals Eilish. However she explains how this tour is different, "I'm just at this place right now where I'm doing do good and enjoying it and I want to tour.... this is the first time I've wanted to tour."

Another thing Eilish hates? Bees. When Eilish was nine-years-old there was a bunch of deer in the field and she stepped on a yellow jackets nest. The singer was stung twenty times in the head and once on her finger. "I am traumatized. No bees," Eilish explains, "Before that I didn't care, I'm not going to disturb a bee... six years later I got stung AGAIN on the head!"

Eilish tells more stories and goes into further detail about songs on her album like all the good girls go to hell and ilomio below!

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