This Is Why You Should NEVER Be Allowed to Order Anything Drunk!

We've all gotten the munchies after bar hopping, but a woman in London decided after a night of drinking that it was finally time to try Subway for the first time. And as a vegetarian, she was torn about what she should eat. What she ended up eating, however, was so strange that the guy behind the counter had to take a picture, and the rest was history. It was the cucumber, olives and cheese sandwich seen around the world. A sandwich deserving of a DUI; Dining Under the Influence.

When asked about her unusual order, Anna from Leeds, UK had this to say: "We were both pretty tipsy and I asked the workers how it worked. I told them I'd never had a sub before and they were really nice. We were just joking for a while before we ordered." She then clarified that she originally only wanted a cucumber and cheese sandwich (What???) and added olives later. That's when the guy behind the counter decided he needed to snag a picture of this one of a kind sammy. "First time in Subway and the worker took a picture of my order...Am I doing this wrong?" Yes Anna, you are. The post of the sandwich went viral, and even got Subway's attention, calling the sandwich a 'true masterpiece.' We'll throw Subway boyfriend of the year award. Would you eat this sandwich?

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