A Pool Shot So Nice You'll Have to Watch It Twice, or Maybe Like a Thousand

You're at the bar with your friends. You're a couple drinks in, and your friend wants to play some pool. You walk over to the table, and a woman walks up to you and asks if you want to play a game. She tells you that she's never played a day in her life, and she wants to put some money on the game. And because you're a couple of drinks in and feeling cocky, you say yes. And boy, does she really hustle you and take ALL of your money. Have fun getting an Uber home, loser.

All jokes aside, this trick shot is INSANE! I can barely get through a game without accidentally getting the 8-ball in, and she makes it look so easy! Definitely don't feel good about the cigarette, but the thing didn't EVEN MOVE. Not a single inch. Check out the shot here, and tell me, with a straight face, you could even try to reenact this shot. Could you do it?

Photo: Getty Images

Mo' Bounce

Mo' Bounce

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