This Proves That Know Matter What You Do, Your Girl Will ALWAYS Find Out

When the going gets tough, the tough...rob a bank? Wait that can't be right. Right?

A Texas man was arrested for aggravated robbery after he tried to rob a bank to afford his wedding ring and the wedding. At least it came from the heart? Well, actually, it came from the bank.

Heath Bumpous from Crockett, Texas walked into Citizens State Bank and demanded the teller give him money, with a gun concealed. The teller ended up giving him the money, and Heath escaped. And it looked like for a day or so that he would get away with it. That was, until his fiance saw photos of him as the main suspect of the robbery. That's when she approached her soon-to-be hubby about the incident and encouraged him to turn himself in.

Heath decided to take his boo's advice and was arrested for his crime. We're proud, tbh. The money was returned to the bank, and his getaway clothes and his gun were found following his arrest. I guess this goes to show, no matter how big the crime or mistake, your girl will find out. What would you do if your boo robbed a bank?!?!

Photo: Getty

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