Play-Doh Just Came Out with "Play-Doh for Grown Ups" I'm In!

This 24 May, 2006 image shows a bottle o

One of the toys from your childhood just grew up and it's here to give you a temporary break from reality. Play-Doh just announced a brand new product line . . . "Play-Doh for Grown Ups."

It's just like regular Play-Doh, but it comes in "adult" scents called "overpriced latte" . . . "mom jeans" . . . "dad sneakers" . . . "spa day" . . . "lord of the lawn" . . . and "grill king."

The people at Hasbro say those smells are meant to be things that make adults happy. If you're interested, the Play-Doh is already on sale, and the six-pack of scents is just $12 . . . but it's starting to sell out, so buy yours fast. (Huffington Post(Here's apicture.)

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